The Capital District Center for Independence offers a multitude of presentations that addresses issues that affect individuals with disabilities.

These presentations can be scheduled at community locations, businesses, or at CDCI’s office conference room.

Please check out the following list to see what we are currently offering.

Services at the Center for Independence

  • This presentation addresses how the Capital District Center for Independence can help individuals with disabilities, their caretakers and/or professionals. We will discuss the services that CDCI offers, how to become a client, independent living philosophy and how to use CDCI as a community resource. Presentations usually last about 30 minutes.

Benefits Presentations

Topics can include: Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Title II Social Security Benefits (including Social Security Disability Insurance [SSDI]), Medicare, Medicaid, Work Incentives, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Work Incentives, Veterans’ Benefits Housing Programs and other incentives.

  • Benefits Overview Presentation:
    • Individuals will be educated on different types of benefits that are available to persons with a disability. The presentation focuses on the basics of benefits are can run from 30 minutes to one hour.
  • Working While on Benefits:
    • There are many work incentives available to individuals with disabilities that allow a person to go to work and still maintain their benefits. In this presentation, the presenter will go over different types of work incentives, how to report paychecks, organize all the information and issues that can arise. Our goal is to help people make educated choices on their vocational goals. Presentations can run from one to two hours depending on need and questions.

Please note: All benefits are based on what is offered in New York State for 2018. Information is subject to change depending on state or year.

Healthy Living Programs

  • Healthy Eating Workshop: Fiber
    • This workshop will demonstrate healthy ways of incorporating more fiber into your diet. Participants will get an opportunity to cook a fiber-rich dish while sharing healthy tips with peers and the presenter. This workshop runs about an hour long.

Disability Awareness Presentations

  • Disability Awareness and Etiquette Presentation
    • This presentation covers how to interact with people with disabilities. Learn the true statistics; different types of disabilities; and appropriate person first language and behaviors. Remember, people with disabilities are people too. Presentations usually run for two hours.
  • Disability Awareness for First Responders
    • This presentation is geared towards first responders (ie: police, firefighters, EMT, etc.) who come in contact with people with disabilities. This includes all the skills learned in the disability awareness and etiquette presentation, but also addresses how first responders can communicate in emergencies and support everyone involved in a safe manner. Presentations usually run for two hours

All presentations can be adapted to fit needs of the community or professionals.

If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, please call us at (518) 459-6422 or submit a message through the form below and tell us a little about your presentation.

Thank you!