(Wo)man’s Best Friend

Animals can save your life.

I mean, Tofu is not going to get nominated for dog hero of the year, but…if there are potato chips involved, you would be surprised by his ambition.

He is a cute little potato; a supportive loving little gremlin. We have conversations. I ask him about his day, even though I know he just slept at my feet under the kitchen table all day. I ask him what he thinks about – still haven’t figured it out yet. I read an article that says your dog thinks about you all day. I wouldn’t be surprised with him.

Pugs are really clingy. We need to be within his line of sight at all times and he makes sure he touches one of us, usually with his butt. Thanks, Tofu. I thought it would drive me crazy, but actually I find it comforting. He really is just a goofball and he’ll do whatever, as long as he is with us.

There is a huge amount of evidence on the benefits of having a pet as an emotional support animal. I have almost always lived with animals (we didn’t have our first “independent” apartment and I already had taken in a cat), but the peace and simple joy that they bring is definitely worth the price of admission.

Tofu is a funny little dude. I’m glad he is in my life, especially during quarantine. He motivates me to get outside and go for walks. He also tells me when it’s time for naps and cuddles.

If you ever have a chance to share your home with an animal, even a goldfish, do so. Having a life to take care of besides your own can bring so much meaning and joy. Plus, you have someone to share your chips with now.

By Katie W., Program Manager