Category: COVID Health

Category: COVID Health

Spring 2020 Recipes
05/12/2020 CDCI Stories, COVID Health, COVID-19, Healthy Living Program, Recipes CDCI Staff

Cherise B., CDCI’s Healthy Living Coordinator, has develop four different recipes to help you clean out the pantry while stillRead More

Spring 2020 Healthy Living Bulletin
04/20/2020 CDCI Stories, COVID Health, Healthy Living Bulletin, Healthy Living Program CDCI Staff

Cherise, CDCI’s Heathy Living Coordinator, has put together our first Healthy Living Bulletin. In this edition, she writes on individualizingRead More

COVID-19 Translated Health Resources
04/13/2020 COVID Health, COVID-19 CDCI Staff

The Office of Refugee and and Immigrant Assistance has released COVID-19 health education resources in 73 different languages. The resourcesRead More

Headspace and New York State
04/09/2020 COVID Health CDCI Staff

Access Meditation and Mindfulness Content in New York State Feeling stressed? As New Yorkers, we have another option to helpRead More

COVID-19 Support Helpline
03/25/2020 CDCI Stories, COVID Health, COVID-19 CDCI Staff

You don’t have to feel alone. The Office of Mental Health now as a helpline helping those dealing with overwhelmingRead More

Get the Facts About COVID-19 from the CDC
03/09/2020 CDCI Stories, COVID Health, COVID-19 CDCI Staff

  CDC Fact Sheets 2019-ncov-factsheet sick-with-2019-nCoV-fact-sheetRead More

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