ILCs are at the Frontlines of Disability Services

And there is a chance we will not have enough funding to continue to help those in need.

Independent Living Centers (ILCs) have been in existence for decades. In fact, CDCI started in 1979 and was one the first four to open their doors to New Yorkers.

New York ILCs provide critical Independent Living Services to more than 100,000 people with disabilities each year.

ILC services are need more than ever as COVID isolation ends. We can provide services to help people with disabilities meet the challenges of COVID. Services like:

  • Benefits Counseling – Providing one on one advisement to people adjusting to changes in work or living situations and helping them navigate the complex service system.
  • Peer Counseling – Peers are addressing mental wellness issues created by COVID-19 and checking in with consumers to gauge community and individual needs.
  • Independent Living Skills – Helping people adjust to the current environment while meeting new obstacles at home and in the community, such as obtaining food and medication.
  • Transitioning people from institutions – ILCs have been addressing the nursing home crisis by continuing their vital work to get people out of nursing facilities and other institutions and back home with their loved ones. The demand for this service is expected to increase exponentially

Cuts to Find will Severely Limit ILCs Ability to Meet the Challenges of COVID-19 for People with Disabilities.

If you are interested in finding out more, please check out this bulletin from New York Association on Independent Living which includes a list of some of the things CDCI has been doing during this time.

You can also visit NYAIL’s website to see important Advocacy Priorities for people with disabilities.